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Pumping Guidelines

The following recommendations for 1502 flow control products are intended to be a guide to maximize efficiency, extend product life, and create a safer work environment.

Treating or discharge iron is produced for the following services:-

  • Standard Service
  • H2S / Sour Gas Service
  • Low Temp Service

It is good practice to designate specific strings of iron for the following applications, and that the designated iron remain in that service application throughout the product’s life:-

  • Energized Fluids
  • Acids
  • Sour Gas
  • Low Temperature Applications

Flow rates above 42 feet per second in any type or size of discharge iron is not recommended.

Every string of iron should be pressurized (pressure tested) to its maximum planned working pressure prior to each use.

Pressure seal line pipe threads are not recommended. (Integral or Non-Pressure seal threads should always be used if possible.)

Most flow control products are certified for the following temperature rating:-

  • Minimum: -30° C
  • Maximum: 110° C

Personnel must stand clear of pressure vessel products while pressure is present or being applied.

Each string, as well as each component in the string , must be maintained and inspected at regular intervals to ensure safe operation and performance.

Never tighten or hammer wing unions when pressure is apparent.

Welding, brazing or heating high pressure components is absolutely prohibited.

General maintenance will extend the life of flow control products:-

  • Grease plug valves and swivel joints after every job.
  • Replace seals to help prevent leaks and washouts of seal faces.
  • Clean all seal areas thoroughly.
  • Flush all products with water after each job.

Swivel Joints and Swings

Swivel joints and swings can be used in high-pressure discharge lines, water lines, temporary flow lines, well testing lines, cementing and circulating lines, and other highpressure applications

The 2" and 3" loops and chicksans available from 1502 can handle a complete range of standard and sour gas fluids at cold working pressures up to 15,000. Mainly used for cementing and stimulation treating lines these all-steel hoses are available to meet virtually any need. All materials meet ASTM or AISI standards.

  • All designs feature Chiksan swivel joints which provide flexibility, absorb shock and vibration, and maximize flow characteristics
  • Weco wing union connections ensure fast, pressure tight make-up and break-out without threading, welding, or special connections
  • Chiksan hoses fold up easily and quickly for transportation and storage

We only use the new style SPM swivel joints that give an extended service life. Other features include:-

  • Additional erosion material under critical ball race components.
  • A More stable assembly with better load distribution that gives longer ball race life.
All swivel joints are routinely checked for uniform wall thickness to ensure uniform flow characteristics of all types of fluid.

Where swivel joints are not wanted long-radius elbows can be supplied especially for high-pressure abrasive applications such as fracturing, choke-and-kill lines, acidizing, and test lines


The 1", 1½" and 2" high pressure plug valves available from 1502 are tough, industry standard units that provide dependable service for applications such as cementing, fracturing, acidizing, coiled tubing, and sand control.

1502 plug valves feature quality components throughout for greater dependability, minimum weight, and maximum strength. Plug valves are available in standard service and sour gas service models. Special models are available on request

Check valves are used to isolate well-servicing equipment during pumping operations (fracturing and nitrogen in particular). Offered in two primary models, these rugged valves seal against a complete range of well-servicing fluids at pressures to 20,000 psi. Valves are available in 1-1/2 to 3-inch bore sizes for standard and reverse flow. Contact us for preferred configuration. Like all pressure containing products, check valves require special handling and consideration as pressure is trapped.
We can offer either dart or flapper type check valves with 1502 connections.

Long Joints and Connections

Cementing and Stimulation pipe
1502 Long joints, intermediate and pup joint flow line piping, with wing union end connections, eliminates the need for welds or threads for an uninterrupted bore and greater flow capacity. This piping is available in 10', 6' and 3' lengths to handle fluids at cold working pressures to 15,000 psi. They can be used on high-pressure discharge lines, auxiliary flow lines, choke-and-kill lines and for abrasive applications.

1502 can also supply a complete range high-pressure integral union connections in a broad range of configurations in sizes from 1" through 3". This includes:-

  • Tees
  • Whies
  • 45 and 90 Degree elbows
  • Bull plugs
  • 3" x 2" Xovers
  • Male x Male and Female x Female adaptors
  • 3" and 2" Pressure Transducers

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