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Large Volume Tanks

Given the large volumes of water required for many drilling/fracturing and construction operations the need persists for large volume tanks or excavated in-ground storage. Large volume fluid storage has posed environmental challenges for many years. One storage method, moving dozens of large frac tanks to a location, can cause major surface damage and excessive carbon emission. Another method, digging turkeys’ nests for fracturing or drilling and pits for either flaring or flow back is often undesirable, particularly if the necessary Heritage Assessments have shown the area to be of cultural significance.

The Maxtank is a large volume highly portable water tank that offers a wide range of fluid storage solutions. It has been specifically designed to minimize costly transportation and all but eliminate environmental damage and the requirement to obtain permits etc for excavation. For maximum portability the Maxtank is designed to fit on a standard trailer (or road train) or winch truck. Having "container-standard" dimensions mean that it can be transported on a standard truck without the need for special permits or an escort. Rapid deployment is essential to minimize both transport and labour costs so once on location, the Maxtank can be opened up and be ready for filling within two hours. For a cost comparison with traditional tanks see the Cost Advantages tab below.

The MaxTank is the same size as a 40' container (12m x 2.6 x 2.44m high) and has the same transport lugs enabling it to be shipped by rail, road and sea as a container.

The Maxtank is offloaded from a standard 40' truck using the swing lift (on the truck), container size forklift or a crane into the operation location.

The version shown has a self contained hydraulic unit and track system so that it can self open and close as required. However, the latest versions of the Maxtank have a removable track system to further decrease operational costs and increase tank size.

Once fully opened the tracks are retracted or, on the latest models removed completely and removed from site leaving no unnecessary equipment on the lease.

No special lease preparation is required with Maxtanks multi-layer liners affording a degree of protection not found in large ponds or dams

Opening the tank only takes about 5 minutes whether using external tracks or a forklift/loader extension (not shown). The external footprint is approximately 12m x 12m (around 150m2) and this model is 2.4m high (standard container height) resulting in a 2000 Bbl capacity.

The latest versions are built to high-top container specifications and are 2.9m high and hold 2500 Bbls.

All Maxtanks have large access doors which allow easy and safe access into the tank at any stage of the opening or closing process.


Once the liners are in place, the internal suctions are fitted and the Maxtank is ready for use. The total time taken from unloading the truck to being ready for filling is less than two hours.

The capacity of this Maxtank is 2000 Bbls ( 430,000 litres) but the new versions hold 2500 Bbls. The liner system consists of protective and waterproof liners to provide maximum reliability. The liners are manufactured ultra-strong tear and puncture resistant. They can be successfully used in almost all temperatures.

Even if working in extreme conditions, custom liners are available for all types of environmental conditions chemical resistance. This means that almost any type of fluid can be stored in the Maxtank. Unlike almost all liner type ponds or dams Maxtank liners ARE REUSABLE with a lifespan of at least 30 open/close cycles under normal conditions

No special site preparation is required and the Maxtank can be setup on almost any site that has been prepared to drill site or mining standards.

The easy setup and large storage volumes make the Maxtank far more economic than standard frac tanks or costly excavations and rehabilitation. Their compact design and shape ensure that it is easy and efficient to place multiple tanks in a limited area.

For more information visit maxtank.com.au

Standard Transport Dimensions

The following table depicts the escort requirements for oversize loads. Maxtanks are manufactured to shipping container dimensional and weight specifications so are fully transportable anywhere without restriction or the need for escorts. Some MaxShacks however, have a greater width than a standard container but are never more than 3.50m so also do not require escorts (but will be designated as a "WIDE LOAD"

(Guideline for Excess Dimension - Queensland Government Transport and Main Roads)

One of the main financial advantages of the Maxtank is its transport costs compared to traditional frac tanks. The chart below graphically displays these savings.

Calculator for mob-demob savings of Frac Tank v MaxTank - download full version pdficon

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